About Us

From a  weekend away to weddings, conferences, and group bookings in Bright


In 2011, my husband and I decided we wanted to go into business for ourselves, to try something new, a new adventure and so the journey began…we bought the High Country Motor Inn in Bright. What first appealed to us about this particular model apart from its country rustic charm, was the beautiful grassed area and amazing gardens surrounding the motel, the thought of stepping out of your motel room to have breakfast on the lawn in the sunshine, family bbq’s, reading a book by the pool and lots of space for the kiddies to run around. Having two young children ourselves we knew the importance of being able to take a vacation without the kids climbing the walls of the confined space of a motel room. 


Bright the township itself is so refreshing.  To live in a place that offers so much to do all seasons around. The beautiful backdrop of the mountains is to die for.


You have summer with the warm weather lazing by the pool and the scenic walks along the river. 100 meters to the back of our motel is the popular and breathtaking canyon walk. You can also walk along the creek directly from our motel to the center of town and for those ladies and gents that like a beer of an evening, the walk into town takes you right to the back of the Bright Brewery, sample o few of the ales Bright has to offer. Bright is buzzing at this time of year with the parks, markets, and creeks running through the center of town. Cannot forget to mention the rail trail for bike riding enthusiasts. Great for riding with kids or even for the more serious of bike riders without the worry of traffic on the road. My husband would probably be upset if I didn’t mention the Bright Golf Course. He has himself become quite a regular and not only are the grounds kept in pristine condition, but the view at the course surrounded with mountains and bushland is also quite the sight.


Autumn well Bright is famous for its Autumn season, the changing of the leaves, and the festivals, people come from all over to see the rich reds, orange, yellow and brown fluttering from the trees to the ground.


Winter and of course the snow. What an adventure to experience the snow. white and crystal and absolutely breathtaking. A little cold for the fingers but a must-do!  Nothing a pair of warm winter gloves won’t fix and after a day on the slopes, nothing better than returning to the High Country Motor Inn with a drink from Ned’s bar and warm the toes by the large open fireplace.


Spring wellspring in Bright again embraces tourists with its open gardens and amazing color of new flowers blooming and again a great time for all of the scenic walks bright has to offer.


The people, not only were we blessed with great staff, the people in the township of Bright, and the lovely guests that stay have all been amazing. We are truly blessed to live and work in such an amazing part of Australia.


We would like to welcome all travelers to come and stay with us here at the High Country Motor Inn.  Look forward to seeing you all soon.


Kind Regards,

Nick and Alanna Howden.